The penalty points of the Qualifiers will not follow the score of the athletes at the finals.
Leaderboard will start with zero points. For WOD1 every ‘NO REP’ is charged with 2sec ( time ) penalty.


RankAthleteWOD 1Overall
1greNikou George Coast Guard--
2greGoumas Christos Police3:4521
3grePelonis Haris Army3:1932
4svkKupec Adam Police3:1237
5greVorinos George Police3:3238
6greAfentoulis Nikos Police3:1139
7grePantikidis Nikolaos Police4:0240
8hunSzíjártó Jenő Army3:4043
9greSouris Petros Fire Brigade3:5645
10greGrivas Athanasios Police4:1049
11greFragkos Nikolaos Army4:1352
12greTsioutsios Anastasios Air Force4:0355
13greMastrapas Petros Fire Brigade3:4458
14greArkoudeas Loukas Police3:0863
15greTsitsoulas Stefanos Air Force3:4064
16greMilonas Panagiotis Navy3:5065
17greFanariotis Anastasios Army4:3571
18greGeorgiadis George Army4:1371
19greFrantzios Akis Police4:3874
20greMichaltsos Konstantinos Air Force4:0378
21greGrammatikos Nikos Police4:1382
22greTsetsos Panagiotis Police4:0084
23greDoulis Efthimios Army3:5384
24greMpaltatzis Anestis Fire Brigade4:1486
25greKesoglou Tilemachos Army3:5990
26greKarvunis Kostas Coast Guard4:0893
27greStanitsidis Panagiotis Army4:0594
28greTsoukas Konstantinos Police3:5495
29grePantos Dimitris Police4:1995
30greKampouridis Nikos Police4:0497
31greKarasavvidis Theofilos Army4:00102
32grePapagrigoriou Antonis Police4:58102
33greKoutsourelakis Nikos Navy4:00103
34greGoulas Kostas Police4:10103
35greNaoumis Dimitris Air Force4:48108
36greHitas Konstantinos Army4:14111
37grePortoglis Diamantis Police4:30117
38greLintzerakos Dimitris Navy4:39117
39greKafanis George Army4:37121
40greVoulgaris Dimitris Army4:28122
41greKansizoglou Stathis Army4:41122
42greHarhantis George Navy4:09127
43greBoulousis Dimitris Navy5:00131
44greFintanis Stavros Air Force4:44135
45greKarasavvidis Konstantinos Police4:44136
46greMylonas Aggelos Police4:23138
47greMpampes Kostas Navy4:45141
48greGantz Dimitris Army4:31142
49greChristodoulopoulos Ioannis Army4:23143
50greSpyropoulos Vasilios Police4:21143
51greLiolios Anastasios Coast Guard4:20144
52greKarampekis Anestis Police4:33144
53greGallos Nikolaos Navy4:32152
54greMichailidis Panagiotis Army4:58154
55cypChristofi Manos Police5:00163
56greGlentis Theodosis Army4:25165
57greChristopoulos Nikos Army4:55175
58greKoliotsidis Savvas Police4:51176
59grePlessas George Army4:56177
60greKaraiskos George Police3:36198 INJURED (94)
61greRallis Antonis Police5:00198 - ON DUTY ( 110 )
62gerRichter Christian Air Force-198
63greArgiropoulos Vasilis Police3:55198 - ON DUTY ( 86 )
64greLiakos Vaggelis Police-198
65greMedinger Kevin Police-198
66greAggelakopoulos Vaios Navy3:53198 INJURED ( 21)
67greKoutsoukos Anastasios Navy4:19198 - ON DUTY ( 94 )
68greFasoulidis Lazaros Police-198
69greAndriotis Nikos Army-198
70greSdougkas Spyros Police-198
71greKavakis Apostolis Police4:38198 - ON DUTY ( 126 )
72greToboulidis Stratos Police3:42198 - ON DUTY ( 37 )
73greAgapitos George Navy-198
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